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Aggressive Company Names For Serious Start-Ups

KillerPanda is your one-stop source for names that your audience will remember. Cool names like Facebook, Google, Twitter, FourSquare and eBay.

If you're starting a "pure-play" business or start-up with a visionary growth trajectory, we have that perfect, captivating name for you that can be built into a formidable brand.

If you're looking for a name for the long run -- the kind of name you can build a powerful brand and company around, you've come to the right place.

Our expert name development team have crafted a select portfolio of unique and catchy names well suited for companies in high growth industries. For KillerPanda clients, a good name just won't cut it. Our clients need an authoritative and distinctive name that stands out. It's critical to have a prodigious name with an enduring quality.

At KillerPanda, we focus on generating non-restricted, multi-market names that will work in the areas of heightened opportunity -- health care, technology, financial services, entertainment, professional services and other growth fields.


Cool Brand Names

New Domain Names For July

  • Vygram
    Vygram.com is a soft combination of (vy) and (gram). The engaging brand name comes with the matching dot-com domain ....


  • Hymp
    Hymp.com is a catchy and powerful brand name. This company name is really short, only (4) letters, sure to grab some attention for your bu...


  • Systemcy
    Systemcy.com is a name that conjures up success. We like the name because it's straightforward and clean. The name was coined from (system...


  • AddictedLove
    AddictedLove.com is reminiscent of strength with a bit of an edge. We created the name by joining (addicted) and (love). The brand name is...


  • Pygeo
    Pygeo.com is a visually stunning name. It is short in length and packs a powerful punch. We like the name because it smoothly combines (py...


  • GeoRaw
    GeoRaw.com is a clever pairing of (geo) or Greek for (earth) and (raw). The brand name is easy-to-pronounce and comes with the dot-com dom...



Quick Start, Ready-to-Use Names

It can be frustrating for small business owners to find a really cool and catchy name, only to learn that the name isn't available or the dot-com domain name has already been taken. That's why every brand name you see listed in the KillerPanda.com online is available and ready to build on.

Hot Name + Domain + Logo

You'll get a premium name, matching dot-com and editable logo for one low price.

Get started and find the perfect forward-focused, next-gen name for your company now!

Put Killer Panda to Work For You

At KillerPanda.com we have a team of the best naming experts in the business who focus on creating truly stand-out company names in high growth industries. We're busy looking for interesting, cutting edge names that will capture the attention -- and imagination -- of your audience.

Cool Names for Cool Companies

We know what a great company name can do for a business. The right business name, in one word, needs to tell your story, get people talking and most importantly, get customers in the door. We've made it easy to find the perfect name. Just pick a category to search for a name as unique as your business.


Killer Panda Blog


Brand name myths and facts


Brand Name Development: Myths & Facts

Brand Myth: Brands are developed and crafted over a long period of time. You just can't brand a business and they certainly can't have one pushed on to you. It's a long process and it just doesn't happen overnight.

Brand Fact: While the brands that you want to develop can take a lot of time to craft and develop, make no mistake about it, your business or company can be branded in almost an instant.

Worse, and more troublesome, brands can be developed in moments and you may not even be in control of the process. One example, this is a positive example, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis was discussing how their legacy was branded "Camelot." It all came back to one interview where she simple stated that JFK's favorite record was the soundtrack from that Broadway show.

She reflected and said that there life was like "Camelot." The press grabbed this analogy and ran with it, and we shall always know the Kennedy administration as Camelot.

Your company or product can be branded in a second and you may not even being the one doing it. In the case of the Kennedy's, Camelot happens to be a really good brand but it may not go that way.

FIAT, was "rebranded" as Fix It Again Ted, and it took years and a CEO laser focused on engine reliability to lose that moniker.

Get ahead of the branding and always keep listening to what others are saying about it, if you're hearing negative comments associated with your brand FIX IT!

Want more Brand Myths and Facts follow the link or and learn How to Brand Your Company in five easy steps.


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